The Candy Empire reigns supreme, stretching its chubby fingers to nearly every nook and cranny of the world of Cakery. Local tournaments are held to maintain order, with fighters of all races and skill sets battling to reach the ultimate challenge The Imperial Contest.

The goal of this grand event is to claim and sit on the Cake Throne. A giant seat of power made up of every kind of cake imaginable. The Throne serves as a never-ending feast for its reigning champion, making them bigger, fatter, and stronger with each passing day. That is why it is so important for the Imperial Contest to keep the cycle of the tournament alive and for fighters from all over the world to continuously challenge the reigning Candy King.

And for his Noble Heftiness and his Royal servants, who have earned their titles by winning smaller local tournaments, their mission is clear: to conquer new and foreign territories by establishing new Arenas and Trials. Thereby providing a steady supply of cakes to the Cake Throne and fulfilling the holy scripture:

"Cakes so yummy,
they will fill your tummy,
to make you really punchy,
and keep you fighting for eternal glory."

So, in these lands, being hefty is both sacred and essential. The heavier the fighter, the better. Being bigger means not just physical strength, but superior magical abilities and a higher chance of survival in any tournament fight.
Candy Champions Story