The gameplay is designed to cater to a diverse range of players, ensuring that individuals with various skill levels can find entertainment tailored to their abilities. Immerse yourself in the captivating experience of the game, which offers a multitude of avenues to explore. Whether you're a beginner seeking a classic match-3 experience, an intermediate player looking for a satisfying challenge on the Arena, or an advanced gamer craving the ultimate test of using Skills to take tactical advantage against your opponent, Candy Champions guarantees an exhilarating adventure for everyone.

Beginner - Matching

Candy Champions is a multiplayer turn-based puzzle game where your goal is to match three or more identical blocks in a grid. You and your enemies can swap adjacent blocks horizontally or vertically to create groups, also known as clusters. These clusters charge up your team of Heroes, empowering them to defeat the enemy team!

At the start of your turn, a timer will kick off, giving you limited time to make a match. Whenever you successfully match blocks, the timer resets, giving you another chance to extend your clusters or create new ones with blocks of different colors. However, be aware that with each reset, the time you have to make your move decreases, adding a sense of urgency to your decision-making.

Once the timer runs out, the matched group of blocks becomes a charge for a specific Hero, matching the color of the cluster. The more blocks you gather in a group, the more devastating the Hero's attack will be.

Masterful matching is highly rewarded. If you manage to create a group of 6 blocks, a Special Block marked with the Roman numeral "I" is formed. And if you excel even further with a group of 7 blocks, a Special Block with the Roman numeral "II" emerges. When all regular blocks are cleared from the board, the activated Special Blocks expand horizontally and vertically, transforming surrounding blocks to match their color, thus creating new clusters. This brings an additional charge to your Heroes. A group of 8 or more blocks, creates a Skill Block, which gives the player a chance to utilize Hero Skills. Read more about this in the Skills section.

At the end of your turn, when you can no longer make successful matches, you can adjust the board by making a single clever move rearranging blocks in a way that maximizes your chances of making an even better match on your next turn. Strategic planning is the key!

Intermediate - Battle

Candy Champions is an intense multiplayer PvP game where two teams, each consisting of four Heroes, clash in a thrilling battle. The outcome of the fight directly depends on the strategic moves made on the board below the Arena. Your Heroes possess the power to attack, inflict harm, and even kill the enemy Heroes. However, should a Hero meet his demise in battle, players possess the ability to resurrect the fallen champion! Making clusters of blocks with the same color as the fallen Hero may lead to his revival and thus turn the tides of any fight. And that's not all - skilled matching with Heal Blocks on the board can also restore your Heroes' health, adding another layer of tactical depth.

Each Hero belongs to a specific Class, and each Class possesses unique Hero traits, making them distinct from one another. There are four Classes in total:


Expert - Skills

In the world of Candy Champions, you can gain an advantage over your enemy by creating and utilizing Skill Blocks. These special blocks are formed when you match a group of 8 or more blocks together.

Each Hero in the game possesses their own unique Skill, which can greatly impact the gameplay. These Skills are divided into four categories:

1. Offensive Skills allow a single Hero or a group of Heroes to deal increased damage to the enemy team. Some Offensive Skills even provide additional benefits, such as healing back your Hero with the damage dealt.
2. Defensive Skills usually bring protection from the enemy team. Either by reducing the damage taken, or by instantly resurrecting a Hero if killed.
3. Cursing Skills are a way of weakening the enemy's Heroes. They reduce the damage done by the opposing team, or by stopping their attacks completely.
4. Counter Skills are essential for defending yourself against your enemy's Skills. They enable you to Negate, Dispel, or Swap Hero Skills as needed.


Matching a Skill Block with a Hero block creates a Dormant Skill. This is the casting phase of a Skill, which lasts one turn. In a turn-based game like Candy Champions, this gives an opportunity for your enemy to react to your decision to use the Skill. While the Skill is Dormant, it can be Negated, Stolen, or Dispelled. Additionally, if the Hero is defeated while their Skill is Dormant, they lose the ability to activate the Skill.

The effect of a Skill is applied on the next possible move. If the Skill is Defensive, it is activated during the next enemy attack. Otherwise it is activated on your next attack. Counter Skills are activated instantly. Once a Skill is activated, it cannot be deactivated.

When a Skill Block is matched with a block belonging to a defeated Hero, it accelerates the Hero's resurrection progress. In certain situations, matching a Skill Block with a block of a defeated Hero can even bring that Hero back to life instantly.

If a Skill Block is matched with a Heal Block, it increases the amount of healing accumulated during your turn. This means that matching these blocks together will result in a greater heal amount for your team.