Frequently Asked Questions

Is Candy Champions pay-to-win (p2w)?
No. We are committed to creating an engaging and immersive experience for all of our users now and in the foreseeable future. Our goal is to provide a fair and balanced gameplay environment where players with similar skill levels and dedication can compete against each other. We believe in fostering a community that values skill and time investment rather than pay-to-win mechanics.
Do opponents in a game share the same game board?
No, each player has their own individual board. However, at the start of the game, both players begin with the same board layout. It's important to note that if the opponents make the same set of moves, the boards will remain identical for both of them on their subsequent turns.
Are there bots in Candy Champions?
Why do you use bots?
In Candy Champions, bots are used to enhance the overall gameplay experience. They ensure that players always have opponents to play against, regardless of the availability of other human players. This reduces the waiting time during matchmaking.
When do bots enter matchmaking?
If there is no human player available for 15 seconds after you enter matchmaking.
How do I recognize bot players?
Bots are indicated with a recognizable icon next to their name.
How do bots behave?
In Candy Champions, bots are designed to simulate the behavior of human players in order to provide a challenging and engaging experience. During gameplay, bots have the opportunity to utilize their board in various ways, ranging from optimal to lousy strategies. Their decision-making falls along a large spectrum, allowing for a range of outcomes based on their choices. Bots collect trophies and helmets just as human players do. They have the opportunity to upgrade their Heroes with the collected helmets. All bots start from Arena 1, like new players do, and progress their way to the last Arena by playing with other players. Bots in the game follow the same rules as human players do. They don't have any advantage, nor are they privileged in any way.
How do you prevent cheating?
To prevent cheating we have a system that checks and validates all important game data. Every move a player makes is validated, and the winner of each match is determined solely based on valid moves on our server.

By doing the validation remotely, we add an extra layer of security. This ensures that players cannot manipulate or cheat the game by tampering with their device or trying to alter the game data. The servers act as a trusted authority that ensures everyone follows the same rules and plays fair.
How is damage calculated?
The damage dealt by a Hero is determined by the number of blocks that have charged the Hero, multiplied by the same number minus one. For example, with six blocks, the calculation is 6 multiplied by 5, resulting in 30 damage points. This formula applies for up to six blocks. Each additional block charges the Hero with an extra point of damage. So, with eight blocks, it would be 6 multiplied by 5 (30 damage points) plus an additional 2 damage points, totaling 32 damage points. It's important to note that this base formula can be influenced by different Class traits or the utilization of Hero Skills, adding even more depth to the gameplay.