Candy Champions

Candy Champions is a competitive online Player vs Player Match 3 game using match-3 combo mechanics to give players greater matching freedom and additional strategic opportunities to defeat their opponent.


The gameplay is similar to other match-3 games in that the player has to match three identical blocks to create a cluster. In addition, the match-3 combo mechanic allows players to make multiple changes to the board in a single move until the timer finishes.


Players may use the weaknesses and strengths of each Hero Class by choosing which Hero to charge during their move to gain an advantage on the battlefield. Additionally, using the special Skill Block to activate one of the unique Hero Skills may help players turn the tides of a lost battle or achieve a great victory.

Realm of Cakery

The candy champions’ delightful realm of Cakery is renowned for its delectable fig jam, irresistible sugar sticks, mouthwatering fruitcakes, and fiercely competitive Imperial Tournaments. In Cakery everyone is chubby, but the heavier and curvier you get, the stronger and more agile you become. With curiosity piqued about who reigns supreme in both size and might, the people of Cakery organized the Imperial Tournaments, where the ultimate victor claims the coveted Cake Throne and assumes the mantle of Candy King.

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