[02/23/2024] Imperial Store update v1.5.0 is here

  • Added Collectibles Store - choose Emotes, Avatars, Trails, Finishing Intros & Outros in different Rarities.
  • Added an option to Respec - get your hard-earned Helms back and use them to level up your Heroes differently.
  • Added a Change Name feature - change your profile name if you feel the desire to do so.


Rest assured, we have no intentions of transforming Candy Champions into a pay-to-win cash-grab. The Store will offer Gems that can be used to buy Respec, Change Name, and all five types of Collectibles. And yes, of course that THAT Dragon (his name is Volcarion, btw) - used only by the top bots, until now - including way more, is available for purchase.


  • We have updated the hub colors to make the game more visually pleasing.
  • Now it's possible to exchange a special and non-special block of the same color in the last change of a move. This makes it possible to place the special block in a better position
  • Better connectivity handling in WiFi networks where network ports different from 80 and 443 are blocked.


  • In some cases the game might not be able to connect to the server even if the device has an active internet connection
  • In a rare block combination the board animations may freeze.

[01/01/2024] Bug fix release v1.4.3 available on the App Store and Google Play


  • Fixed rare freeze of the game board in certain complex combinations
  • Fixed a bug where the game might not finish after the opponent uses the Decoy skill.
  • Ice trail did not launch on some devices. This is fixed now.
  • Fixed an error during game sync
  • Other small fixes and improvements

[12/14/2023] Bug fix releases (v1.4.1, v1.4.2) available on the App Store and Google Play


  • Made melee attack animation a bit slower
  • Fixed Doompie's attack animation glitch
  • Finishing Move attacks have improved movement arrangement
  • Fixed several bugs where the opponent hero dies before the attacker hits. Sometimes the attacker skipped hitting.
  • Faster Game Over tap did not work on Android devices

[12/02/2023] Adrenaline Update (v1.4.0) is available on the App Store and Google Play

What's new
The Adrenaline Update is here with a bunch of changes for an overall adrenaline-pumped look and feel!


  • Now, Heroes are launching coordinated attacks for more intense, fast-paced fights
  • Optimized, more visually appealing Hero animations
  • Turn-by-turn enhancements
  • Faster Game Over - tap repeatedly on the end game screen
  • Improved Tutorial pace

[11/09/2023] Candy Champions Finishing Moves Update (v1.3.0) is available on the App Store and Google Play

What's new
The next major addition to Candy Champions has arrived! It brings not one, but three new types of Collectibles designed to function as a grand finale to your battles. Just before your Heroes deal their special attacks to put the fight to an end, you can have a finishing move.
Its Intro Phase can involve a mighty dragon, a colossal hammer dropping from the sky, or a meteoric shower. As all enemy Heroes are vanquished, the Outro Phase kicks in to bid farewell to the opponent.

Moreover, you can set special Trails for both your range Heroes and your melee fighters, creating a visual spectacle for your opponent to behold.


  • A subtle slowness in the special blocks animation has been removed to improve the flow of the other block animations


  • A different incarnation of the "tiebreak" bug from the previous release has been fixed
  • The game might freeze after connectivity error. This is fixed now.

[09/16/2023] Candy Champions Emotes Update (v1.2.0) is available on the App Store and Google Play

What's new
You've requested it, and we're here to make it happen! Express yourselves while playing with the Emotes Update.

Emotes are the latest addition to our ever-expanding Collectibles section! Much like our previous Avatars feature, Emotes will be categorized based on their rarity - yes, you guessed it right - the cooler and more animated the Emote, the higher its rarity.


  • The board helper hand will show up every time the timer is less than half on Arena 1 - Plainwood


  • During tiebreak in rare cases the game would show the wrong player as a winner although the game result would correctly be saved later. This is fixed now.
  • Sometimes the hero resurrect indicator does not show, but the hero resurrects as expected.
  • Several small internal fixes

[08/31/2023] Candy Champions v1.1.1 is available on the App Store and Google Play


  • Fixed a board freeze in rare configurations involving special blocks
  • Fixed persistent particle blinking on special blocks
  • Long player names on game over screen are properly truncated now
  • Improved tab bar placement on devices with safe area
  • Other small visual improvements

[08/28/2023] The upcoming Legendary Avatars are set to be exceptionally unique

While playing since the Avatars Update went live, you may have seen some of the bots that wear quite awesome avatars. You might have asked yourself, ‘What in the name of the Emperor is going on here?! Why can't I have THIS?!’. Well, we are here to tell you, ‘Stay cool as a large mug of cold syrup!’ These are the upper rarity avatars that will arrive in just a couple of weeks at the tavern near you.

The upcoming Legendary Avatars are set to be exceptionally unique - some of them existing in restricted quantities with no possibility of replication. Moreover, each of these legendary collectibles will be assigned a distinct identification number. As a preview to this feature, we have introduced in the current Avatars Update a sole Legendary Avatar, limited to merely 10 copies. These were already gifted to the first and most devoted players as a token of appreciation.

If you happen to encounter a player with this avatar, you might want to buckle up and say your type of prayer, as these are the world's top players.


[08/26/2023] Candy Champions Avatars Update (v1.1.0) is available on the App Store and Google Play

Pick your cool new avatar!

Gameplay changes

  • Making a cluster of 8 or more blocks of a dead hero now creates a skill block, just like removing 8 blocks of a live hero.
  • BigFatWolf's power has been reduced by 5%

[08/05/2023] Candy Champions v1.0.10 is live on the App Store and Google Play

Gameplay Changes

  • User profiles are being kept in provisional state a bit longer
  • Bots re-training is being performed to synchronize their state with the new rules


  • Fixed frozen visual effects showing up on the game board
  • Fixed game freeze during Syncing in some cases
  • Fixed premature game over occurrence after game resume
  • Correctly hide the hero upgrade button, when max level is reached
  • Fixed loading freeze while entering a nickname during registration, when the game loses connection to the server

[07/25/2023] Candy Champions v1.0.9 is live on the App Store and Google Play


  • Fixed Doompie's Swap skill animation when activated right after another skill activation
  • Several small gameplay related fixes

[07/22/2023] Candy Champions v1.0.8 is now live on the App Store and Google Play

Gameplay changes

  • Changed how the provisional trophies are calculated with an easier curve toward the point where the profile becomes non-provisional
  • Reduced the K-factor for Arena 6. Now, losing and winning games on Arena 6 transfer less trophies
  • Removed the 4th step of the tutorial to make it shorter and faster


  • Fixed an issue where the game would not load on devices switched to Turkish locale
  • Fixed a bug where the game board might freeze

Known issues left for the next release

  • The game may free if a Swap skill is activated right after a Shield skill

All previous known issues from the previous release have been fixed.

[07/15/2023] Candy Champions v1.0.5 is now live on the App Store and Google Play

Fixes and improvements

  • [Android] Fixed untappable buttons on Pixel 7 Pro
  • Fixed a rare synchronization issue with the server, which led to some games finishing prematurely.
  • After upgrading a hero which was placed in the deck, the upgrade indicator did not disappear in some cases
  • Fixed the buttons layout on the "Kick other device" screen
  • Added a missing artwork on the timeline
  • Fixed player and opponent names in the tutorial
  • Improved trophies reward animation

Known issues left for the next release

  • [Android] Loading stops at 99% on some Oppo and Xiaomi devices
  • After reaching the final arena, the game freezes at the "New arena unlocked" screen
  • In some rare cases the board animations may freeze